Saturday, April 4, 2015

THE Garbage war!

The war waxes and wanes like the moon. This one is about Kumara Park West and East.

 I was pleasantly surprised yesterday
. No darshan of garbage at the front of our house, the designated place by the residents and the paurva karmikas who collects from our houses. We are resigned to seeing the segregation that takes place and the vehicle which comes to pick up! The segregation is not to separate the wet waste from the dry waste as they are supposed to do, but to pick up items of value which can be sold. Then they are mixed up again.

Later I took a walk towards Madhav Nagar about 4 minutes away on google map. But it takes a little longer due to traffic and the STUMBLE for SURE pavements!

The google map shows two green patches from the satellite above, but the ground reality is something else.

I had blogged earlier about the Park at the Kumara Park East how BBMP had occupied the children's playground. to collect and store garbage.

This is in Madhav Nagar, in front of one of our oldest parks. I have played here as a kid!
Notice the trolleys! 

While my friends N S Ramakanth and Meenakshi Bharat soldier along valiantly, I wonder who will take out the garbage that is within us!

What kind of people are we?  We steal a play ground from children to put a garbage collection centre. And we dump broken trolleys in front of another park just ONE MINUTE away. Why are these trolleys dumped there? Could they not have been repaired? Who designed such trolleys, which are a struggle to pull on the roads. And so flimsy that they break in no time?

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